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Ruhaniyat Sufi Qawwalis Vol I & II

Sufi Qawwali has always enjoyed a strong fan following in India among all age groups across religious and socio-economic divides. Today there seems to be a greater enthusiasm towards this genre which is very obvious in shows like Ruhaniyat, the All India Sufi & Mystic Music Festival of Banyan Tree. For us it is a great pleasure to bring out this double CD album that contains live recordings of Ruhaniyat where the best of Sufi qawwali is presented by the most respected and popular names like the Sabri Brothers, Shammem-Nayeem, the Ajmeri Brothers, the Nizami Brothers and more.... What is common to all is the knowledge of classical music, a certain power and distinct voice textures and above everything else a passion for their role as qawwals to lift the spirits high and create a trance like ecstatic field of energy.


Thematic Semi Classical Vocal


Nizami Brothers, Sabri Brothers, Shameem Nayeem Ajmeri Brothers, Anwar Hussain Niyazi & Group, Wadali Brothers, Sarfaraz Chisti & brothers