Title Description

Ruhaniyat - Vol. III & IV Sounds of ecstasy… Voices of love, surrender, wisdom, unity…

A collection of live recordings, this album is an endeavor to relive the magic of the frenzied performances of Ruhaniyat – The All India Sufi & Mystic Music Festival of our sister company Banyan Tree. Fakirs, bauls, monks, simple villagers, story tellers, mystic healers, as well as internationally acclaimed qawwals all share their ecstasy with the audience on the same platform. Vol. III – Zikr , Baul Song, Hamd, Kanwar Bhagat’s Mystic Loli & Sufi Qawwali by Wadali Bros. Vol. IV – sufi songs, Sufi Qawwali, Lalwak, Baul song , Sufi Kalam & Bhajan in qawwali ang .


Thematic Semi Classical Vocal


Various artist from all over India