Abhisheki Title Description

Mystical works of Kabir

One of the most loved and revered mystics of India, Saint Kabir das was a fearless poet, reformer, critic, devotee and spiritual master all rolled into one. His works abounding in spiritual wisdom, universal love, oneness of all creation and above all, about the spiritual path and gratitude to the Satguru, continue to inspire people from all walks of life beyond the divides of age, nationality, religious preferences and cultural differences.

Shounak Abhisheki, son and disciple of his father, the legendary Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki, is one of the most sought after vocalists of his generation, has brought alive the grandeur and depth of the messages with his skilful and sensitive renditions of the works. He has inherited the keen understanding of poetical works and clarity of pronunciation from his father and has done full justice to the musical beauty given to these immortal works by his exemplary father. From verses that describe the all important role of a wise master to the one that detail out the qualities of a seeker to the ones that describe the mystical experiences in spiritual sadhna these eight compositions are but a tiny glimpse of the versatile genius that Saint Kabir was. Great poetry, enchanting music and befitting rendition make this album a perfect window into the world of the mystics.

The CD pack also consists of the poems in Hindi along with their meaning in English.

Shounak Abhisheki