Title Description

Shree Stotra - Source of Peace & Harmony

Shiva Stotra  - Source of Energy & Fearlessness

Mangal Stotra - Source of overall well-being

In these independent albums some of the most powerful stotra-s have been chanted after an in-depth research by and supervision of a noted scholar, Shri Ninu Mazumdar. SHREE STOTRA has a compilation of stotras for the entire day and stotras for various deities that have universal appeal like Lord Ganesha. SHIVA STOTRA as the name suggests has stotra-s on Lord Shiva, including the all-powerful Shiva Mahimna Stotra and the famous Daridra Dahana Shivashtaka Stotra.  MANGAL STOTRA is a unique compilation of Stotra-s on Shakti in her various forms, the eternal Ram Raksha Stotra, and the most talked about Mahalakshmi Ashtaka Stotra. Utmost care has been taken to maintain the correctness of pronunciation of each and every word to create the right vibrations across the three albums, which have been recited by the Kaumudi Munshi, Ravindra Sathe and Uday Mazumdar.


Spiritual Chants


Kaumudi Munshi, Ravindra Sathe, Uday Mazumdar & others