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Vaastu Shanti (Narration in Hindi)

First ever of its kind, this album has all the Mantra-s essential for Vaastu Shanti. Thoroughly researched and chanted by noted Sanskrit scholar Pt. Brahmashankar Vyas, the contents of the album surely make it an answer to the unmet need of people today. Especially in urban areas where people do not construct their own houses but have to reside in or work from structures already constructed by someone else. Quite often these are not built in accordance with the norms of Vaastu Shastra. (The science which ensures right balance of the five essential elements that all creation, including the human body, is made of. Namely- earth, water, fire, air and ether). This is where Vaastu Shanti comes in.  Besides Vaastu Shanti Mantra-s the second half has Mantra-s for the invocation of  Navgraha – all the nine planets, Dishadhipati, Digpal Lokpal and of course, Vaastu Purush, the lord of the space occupied.


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Pandit Brahmashankar Vyas