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Tunes of The Dunes - Haunting Folk Melodies (Vol I & II)

One more album with the music from the deserts of Rajasthan, The fist volume contains folk melodies played on the Kamayacha (a bowed instrument with strings made of gut and a deep, soothing sound) and Pyaledar Sarangi (a particular variety of Sarangi). Both these instruments are the specialty of Manganiyars, the hereditary musicians from border districts of Jaisalmer and Barmer. The second volume has Satara (wooden double-duct flutes played simultaneously) and Morchang (a variety of Jewish Harp). The melodies played are from the rich folk repertoire, accompanied by Dholak and Khadtaal. We have taken special care to not to change the structure or add any urban instruments so that our listeners get a glimpse of the truly haunting folk music of the Indian deserts.


Folk Music- Instrumental


Folk Musicians of Rajasthan