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mahesh babuMahesh Babu has been in the field of performing arts for over two decades now. He has worked for almost twenty years towards the cause of creating awareness of Indian Performing Arts among the youth across the country as a core member of the national voluntary movement called SPICMACAY (Society for the promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among the Youth). A trained Tabla player and recipient of the National scholarship who studied under the Gurus like Ustad Shaikh Daood, he is a geophysicist with a strong background in sound engineering. Naturally, his close rapport with almost the entire artist community, coupled with his knowledge of music helps him bring the best out of the performers. Above every thing else he keeps abreast with the latest in sound technology and other technical aspects in editing to ensure that all that is produced under the Ninaad label is the best possible in terms of recording quality as well. He is the source of all the creative concepts in both Ninaad and Banyan Tree as well as minute detailing for perfect execution of those concepts. 

nandiniNandini Mahesh on the other hand comes from the arts background. She started off as a lecturer, teaching sociology in Mumbai and later moved on to copy writing in the world of advertising. After working for some of the leading advertising agencies, she decided to dedicate all her time to Ninaad Music. A trained vocalist in the Hindustani tradition, her research work on the Manganiyars, the folk musicians of Rajasthan, made her sensitive to the rich folk heritage of the country. This resulted in some outstanding albums of folk music. Being multi-lingual helps her in understanding, grasping and translating the regional works which in turn helps in providing a better connection between the audience and performers. This she does by writing for the albums as well as conducting live shows of Banyan Tree, especially productions like Ruhaniyat where she presents the show, providing the gist before each performer comes on the stage. In other words help the audience and performers relate to each other’s worlds.

Deep-rooted in the traditional music the two directors are open to innovation and experimentation. This has resulted in some world class experimental music albums in Ninaad.

The directors are supported by a very enthusiastic team of energetic, young men and women from Mumbai, as well as other parts of the country.


Supporting Team

Just as passionate and enthusiastic as the directors is the supporting team of Ninaad Music. A true reflection of young India, all of them have deep respect for the unique treasure of Indian musical traditions in their hearts and their minds are open to all that the world of music and sound itself has to offer.