Anurag Title Description


Anurag is a classic presentation by younger generation of classical musicians. Ravindra Chary on the ecstatic Sitar and Yogesh Samsi to accompany him on Tabla. Anurag truly captures the essence of Indian Classical Music.
Anurag brings to us Raaga Puriya Dhanashri which is traditionally an early evening raaga. Ravi Chary opens with a serene alap, unfolding the beauty of the raaga and gradually moving to a composition set to jhaptaal where Samsi’s tabla enhances the vibrancy of the performance. The last composition set to a fast-paced teentaal is rich with speedy taans which are given equally crisp additions on the tabla.
The concluding piece is a dhun composed by Chary himself. Inspired by the folk music of India, it is beautiful in its simplicity and lingers on long after it is over.

Ravindra Chary