Mukul Title Description

Mukul Shivputra
Live in Mumbai

Ninaad Music creation which is once again a collectors’ choice for all the lovers of Hindustani vocals in general and fans of Mukul Shivputra in particular; a never before album titled Mukul Shivputra live in Mumbai.

This album features Raag Jaijaivanti - Khayal in Vilambit Ektaal & Drut Teentaal & Raag Kedar- Khayal in Madhyalaya Teentaal

Son and disciple of the legendary Pandit Kumar Gandharva, Mukul Shivputra is known for his powerful voice and style that is unique. As the name suggests it is a live recording of a Baithak which continues to be one of his finest performances in Mumbai.

The album in actual fact brings alive the magic of a Baithak; intimacy being the most beautiful aspect of it.

Mukul Shivputra