Title Description
Timeless Taaleem

Ustad Allarakha was not just one of the greatest percusiions of our country but also the genius who established Tabla as an instrument across the globe, giving it its rightful place in the world of Music. Timeless Taaleem is a one-of-its-kind tribute to the maestro by Fazal Qureshi, his son and disciple. The album traces the journey of Tabla from its traditional form and sound to the present day possibilities in Tabla in the 21st century. By featuring three generations of Punjab Gharana, i.e his Guru Ustad Allarakha and his students a;long with him, Fazal has also given a beautiful glimpse of the Guru-Shishya Parampara. Surely, this endeavour makes for a perfect collectors' item for lovers of Rhythm in general and all the students of Tabla in particular.




Fazal Qureshi