Title Description
Saugaat- from Father to Son - Tradition of Sarangi*

A unique technologically created Jugalbandi, Saugaat is the Sarangi of the father and son and more. In fact the son Ustad Sultan Khan also famous for his unique voice, opens the album with an enchanting alap in Raag Shree. The father and Guru Ustad Gulab Khan has played Raag Bihag. However the highlight of the album is Raag Madhuvanti where an old recording of the father is re-mastered and each phrase is then interpreted by the son resulting in a unique sawal – jawab, though played at different times. Naturally, the album sounds different and exquisite at the same time.

* Available only in cassettes


Classical Instrumental - Saarangi


Ustad Gulab Khan & Ustad Sultan Khan