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Vilakshan (Volume I & II)*

An archival recording, the first volume of Vilakshan has Acharya S. N. Ratanjankar’s scholastic rendition of Raag Sampoorna Bageshri, Jaitashree and a Lakshan Geet in Raag Adana.  All these of course have been re-mastered digitally. The second volume features his famous disciples Pt. S.C.R. Bhatt, Pt. K.G. Ginde in a Jugalbandi, singing a composition in Raag Jhinjhoti and the second half has Raag Malkauns and a bhajan by Pt. Dinkar Kaikini. All in all it is the music of Acharya Ratanjankar come alive.

* Available only in cassettes


Classical Vocal


Acharya S.N.Ratanjankar, Pt. S.C.R. Bhatt, Pt. K.G. Ginde & Pt. Dinkar Kaikini