ruhaniyat Title Description
Ruhaniyat  - Sufi & Mystic Songs Vol – II Here's the much-awaited second volume of Ruhaniyat. Its a live recording of Ruhaniyat, the Sufi & Mystic music festival of Banyan Tree, more than a concert it has become an experience much cherished by the audience and the organizers alike. The album opens with a rare form of Sufiana Mausiqi from Kashmir sung by Ghulam Mohammad Saz Nawaz, followed by baul song  of one of the most popular mystics Lalan Fakir from Bengal , the journey is continued by other different forms from across  India. It features works that give the message of unconditional love, peace and total surrender.
Sufi & Mystic Music
Ghulam Mohammad Saznawaz (Kashmir), Lalu Fakir (Bengal), Nanak-Manak Brothers (Punjab), Iqbal Hussain Khan Bandanawazi & Group (Hyderabad), Kulcham Bai & Jameela Bai (Rajasthan), Munawwar Masoom & Group (Bhopal), Parvathy Baul (West Bengal)