pepper drums Title Description
Pepper Drums - Pulsating… Vivacious… Bouncy… Energetic A unique ensemble of a variety of drums and  styles by the best of the drummers of India, the album is full of not just very complex and masterful playing but the manner in which it's been put together has acquired a larger appeal. Whether or not one understands the intricacies, with the sheer energy and vibrancy in different sound textures, Pepper Drums is an instant energizer and  a stress buster too that lifts the spirits, enlivens and peps the listener up. It truly captures the rhythmic flavours of India with percussion instruments from all the four corners like the Pakhawaj from north, Pung from east, Ghatam, Edakka, Thimila, Chenda & Mirav from the South & the Tabla which is popular across the country.
Thematic Instrumental / Stressless Muisc
Ustad Allarakha & Fazal Qureshi, Vidwan Vikku Vinayakram, Ustad Shafaat Ahmed, Pt. Bhavani Shankar, Pt. Anindo Chatterjee, Mukul Dongre, Satyajeet Talwalkar, Selva Ganesh, Drummers from Kerala (South India) & Drummers from Manipur (North-eastern India)