2 unwind Title Description
2 UNWIND 2 Unwind is one more effort in Ninaad's Streeless Music Series. It has a unique freshness in terms of the instruments used. The musical patterns are lilting, soothing as well as peppy in which varied sound textures are combined in different ways that  evoke a range of feelings. Leading the group is Rupak Kulkarni on the Indian Bamboo flute. He has made a mark for himself in not only the world of Indian classical music but also in the field of innovative thematic music like 2 UNWIND. Pradeep Sengupta in this album has played Mandolin, Tenor Banjo & Rabab. While Mukul Dongre provides the energy and power of rhythm with Western Drums, Satyajit Talwalkar adds rhythmic brilliance with Tabla and Amit Roy, an expert of the Synth Guitar has added to the 'new age music' charm to the album.
Stressless Music
Rupak Kulkarni (Flute), Pradeep Sengupta (Mandolin & Rabab), Mukul Dongre (Western Drums), Satyajit Talwalkar(Tabla) &  Amit Roy (Synth Guitar)