krishna Title Description
Krishna - from the Heart of Benaras In this first album of the famous Krishna series you hear an artist who is considered to be a discovery of Ninaad Music. For the simple reason that at the time of this recording, the first in his life - at the age sixty years, he was not a very familiar name at all. But today he is among the most sought after vocalists of the country. Pt. Chhannulal Mishra of Benaras has a unique voice and an even more unique style, all his own. In fact his music will bring the charming Purab ang alive for you. His nine compositions in this album consist of various styles like Thumri, Kajri, Jhula, Hori and a bhajan as well. However the highlight of the album is a rare Sohar, a traditional song which is sung after childbirth by women in northern India. Rich music, with rich lyrics is how the album can be summed up in one line.
Semi Classical Vocals -Thumri, Kajri, Jhula, Hori, Badhaiya, Sohar
Pt. Chhannulal Mishra