santoor viraasat Title Description
Santoor Viraasat - (Live concert recording) One of the most popular concerts of Banyan Tree, Santoor Viraasat as a concept was conceived by Mahesh Babu in 1997. This album with two volumes is the live recording of the first ever concert of Santoor Viraasat held in Mumbai on the 25th December 1998. The day when music lovers witnessed history being created in front of them. The very sound of two Santoors playing together was mesmerizing. With exceptional spontaneous creativity, absolutely amazing intuitive chemistry between the three musicians this concert has been termed as an  unforgettable  event  by all who attended it. Volume 1 contains an extensive Raag Hansadhwani and Volume 2 has a beautiful Mishra Khamaj in which the second composition unfolds a breathtakingly beautiful Raag- mala.  Needless to add that the beauty of the album is further enriched by the accompaniment of Ustad Zakir Husssian.
Classical Instrumental - Santoor
Pt. Shivkumar, Rahul Sharma & Ustad Zakir Hussain