Title Description
Banaa Vol - I & II Traditional Wedding Songs Banaa literally means a bridegroom. In these two albums you hear some amazingly beautiful wedding songs sung by the Manganiyars (volume–1) and Langas (Volume–2) from remote desert villages. Both the groups represent communities for whom making and preserving music is the hereditary profession. For centuries they have been passing their repertoire orally from generation to generation. In these two volumes the music is kept absolutely untouched. Neither lyrics nor melody are tempered with. The accompanying instruments like the Kamayacha, Sindhi Sarangi, Khadtaal and Dholak add to the mesmerizing rustic charm of the unique voice textures that haunt you bringing the images of the sand dunes alive. More than an album of wedding songs it’s a glimpse into a living tradition. The basic gist of each song is given in English in the inlays to help the listener relate better.
Folk Music
Manganiyars & Langas - The folk musicians of Rajasthan